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All our sermons available to listen to are on this page. If you are using a mobile phone or have trouble using the audio player on this page, clicking on the date of the sermon will download the file, which on many browsers will play the sermon automatically. You can also filter on the sermons by series, book or preacher.

6 Aug 2017 pm Philemon Stuart Davis
6 Aug 2017 am Matthew 5:38-48 Harder than the Law: Love and Revenge Gareth Russell
30 Jul 2017 pm Matthew 5:27-37 Harder than the Law: Adultery, Divorce and Oaths Gareth Russell
30 Jul 2017 am Matthew 20:1-16 The Parable of the Workers in the Vinyard Richard Margetts
23 Jul 2017 pm Play Matthew 5:21-26 Harder than the Law: Murder Gareth Russell
23 Jul 2017 am Play Matthew 5:17-21 Harder than the Law Gareth Russell
16 Jul 2017 pm Play Romans 8:28-39 Stuart Davis
16 Jul 2017 am Play Matthew 5:11-16 Faithful Witnesses Gareth Russell
9 Jul 2017 pm Play Psalm 3 Stuart Davis
9 Jul 2017 am Play Matthew 5:1-10 Kingdom Qualities Gareth Russell
2 Jul 2017 pm Play Psalm 2 Stuart Davis
2 Jul 2017 am Play Psalm 1 Stuart Davis
25 Jun 2017 pm Play Romans 8:18-30 Nick Jackman
25 Jun 2017 am Play Romans 8:1-17 Nick Jackman
18 Jun 2017 pm Play Ephesians 4:20-24 Aaron Prelock
18 Jun 2017 am Play John 3:22-36 Gareth Russell
11 Jun 2017 pm Play John 3:16-21 For God so Loved the World Gareth Russell
11 Jun 2017 am Play John 3:1-15 You Must be Born Again! Gareth Russell
4 Jun 2017 pm Play Acts 1:1-11 God's Steps Leading to Heaven Dr John Hall
4 Jun 2017 am Play 1 John 1:1-4 The Word of Life Jay Marriner

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