Youth and Children

Sunday School, Triceratots, Ignite and Teen Youth Group are all backup and running starting the week commencing the 10th January during term time. Scroll down to book or register your interest.

Sunday School


ignite: spark

ignite: flame

ignite: blaze

For the time being this group is not running, see below.

Teen youth group

Sunday School

On Sundays, after the first part of the service, the children aged 5-11 go through to the back of the church for Sunday School classes. Bible Tots for 2–4 years olds and crèche for under 2’s go through to the room behind the Café. Crèche is run throughout the whole service, being run by at least two church members. The service is also relayed to the crèche so that the adults can listen in.


Triceratots meets every Tuesday or Friday morning from 09:30am–10.30am.

Come and join us at Triceratots! As you arrive there will be a variety of toys laid out and ride on cars for the children to enjoy. We then have a singing and storytime where we tell a different story from the Bible each week with a craft for you to take home and do together. We have two sessions at the moment, one for family carers such as parents and grandparents on Tuesdays and one for nannies on Fridays. We look forward to seeing you and your child and playing together!


from 6pm–7.15pm


Reception - Year 2

Term Dates (2022):
Tuesday 11th January to 29th March (No Ignite on 15th February) 
Tuesday 26th April to 12th July (No Ignite 1st June)


YEar 3 - Year 6

Term Dates (2022):
Tuesday 11th January to 29th March (No Ignite on 15th February) 
Tuesday 26th April to 12th July (No Ignite 1st June)


Year 7 - Year 9

This group sadly is currently not running, if you have children in this age group, please do get in touch and we can be in contact when we start this group again or can chat about other options for your child.

Our mid-week children’s club for boys and girls (Reception to Year 9) runs every Tuesday evening during term time.

Entry is through the main doors of the church. Our café is open for parents and carers to use while the groups are running.

Each week we explore amazing characters and accounts found in the Bible, and think about what it means to follow Jesus today.

Each group includes:

  • A relaxed time to chat and get to know each other
  • A quiz, craft or game session
  • A time looking at the Bible together
  • A time to run around and burn off some energy – we do hockey, table tennis, football and a variety of other indoor games
  • An end of term and Christmas trip or party!

Each group is overseen by an experienced youth leader and provides a safe and supportive space for children to relax, have fun, and learn more about Jesus.

For more information contact us or call 07852 250 996.

Teens Youth Group

Years 10– Year 13 from 7.30pm–9pm

Our programme for teenagers consists of a club on Friday nights. It is run by a number of enthusiastic and caring volunteers from TRC (who are regularly DBS checked).

There are many great activities that we have done over the years, from running “Master Chef” competitions to simply playing football and hockey. We try to provide fun activities where all can join in and feel part of the group. We believe that the Bible is as relevant to young people as it is to adults, so we set aside some time each time we meet to teach God’s word in an enjoyable and creative way.